La sezione di Anglistica del Dipartimento DUSIC dell’ Università di Parma è lieta di invitare gli studenti delle scuole superiori a due incontri in lingua inglese.

30 gennaio 2018 (h 15.30-17.00)
Micòl Beseghi: “Exploring and Translating Language Variation in Films” – Aula Miazzi
This lesson will focus on linguistic variation (e.g. dialects, ethnolects, sociolects, accents) in contemporary films and in their translation through dubbing and subtitling. Since linguistic variation is often a crucial factor in the representation of film characters, the sociolinguistic and idiosyncratic aspects of language need to be taken into consideration when translating for the target audience.

19 febbraio 2018 (h 15.30-17.00)
Michela Canepari: “Ideology and (Intersemiotic) Translation: The case of H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine and its Adaptations” – Aula Miazzi
The aim is to analyse the way H.G. Wells’s novel The Time Machine (1895) was adapted for the cinema by George Pal (1960) and H.G. Wells’s great-grandson Simon Wells (2002). In particular, on the one hand we will briefly discuss the impact that changes in technology and cinematographic tools have had on the realization of science fiction products, whose adaptation largely benefits from new special effects and techniques. On the other, we will address the consequences which cultural, social and political developments have had on the cinematographic transpositions of the same work, mainly from an ideological point of view, approaching the discrepancies existing between the original source text, its first intersemiotic translation and its remake.Il seminario si terrà nel plesso dell’Area di Lingue e Letterature Straniere del Dipartimento DUSIC (Viale San Michele 9).

Al completamento del seminario, chi lo richiederà potrà ricevere un attestato di frequenza.